Welcome to the Lazarus lifestyle

Where your desired vape intensity will transform into a personal world of incredible aromatics and gourmet recipes. Our mission is not simply to serve you but to increase your expectations of a truly fine vape. This is the embodiment of our ethos and we welcome you to the Lazarus lifestyle.

A world of culinary delights

Founded by experienced Texas restauranteurs, Lazarus Vintage brings to you a world of sensory culinary delights. ​

Our Ethos

We consistently produce innovative recipes that leave you overwhelmed, with a rich consistency to allow even greater, smooth flavour and vapour volume.

Passion inspiring aromas

From the moment you twist open one of our soft vegetable wax seals, the inspiring aromas envelope you in our world of passion.​

Seven Wonders of the World - E-liquids Collection

With passionate dedication in always creating an incredible vaping experience, we strive to bring you the very best flavoured gourmet elixirs.

True to form, our newly launched range boasts even more expertly blended sweet delicacies that are bound to invigourate your senses

The latest Master Chef Bruce masterpiece, available in 3mg strength. This is chocolate and sweet truffle decadence at its finest.

Valley of the Kings - E-liquids Collection

Lazarus Vintage - Gourmet eliquid