Welcome to the Lazarus Vintage family

“The craft eliquid movement is growing fast, and at the forefront is Lazarus Vintage.”

Vaper Expo
Established in 2014, owners Bruce Lau, James Bateman and Keith Sells have honoured the principles of true culinary creativity by developing delicious and unique recipes that appeal to those with mature tastes and demanding standards of gourmet quality.

In an industry dominated by sweetened “hype” juices, borrowing immature themes from processed food products, and using sexualisation to gain alpha awareness, our priorities rest with the quality of our produce only.

We use all natural and organic ingredients to create rich and flavourful recipes that inspire beyond expectation and from the moment you gaze upon our luxury packaging, take in the delicate and tantalising aromas, and then vape the incredibly smooth flavours, there will be no doubt in your mind that this is the crème de la crème of premium eliquids. Gourmet eliquid that should be cherished for its definitive qualities.

This is the embodiment of our ethos and we welcome you to experience our gourmet elixirs.